Mahmuda Saydumarova: “My Mom, My Sister, My Friend”

My Mom, My Sister, My Friend


I’ve always found you beside me in times of need,
You’re more than just a mom to me, indeed.
You’re always there for me whenever I need you,
At times when I’m depressed and when I’m feeling blue.


It’s true there are times we don’t get along together,
But I’ll always love you, now and forever.
You’ve done so much for me that I can’t in any way repay,
You mean the world to me and even more, this with certainty I can say.


You’re a mom who’s always full of kindness, love, and care,
And a life without mom is like life without air.
I don’t know words enough to express myself completely,
But be sure that you’re always in my mind, that’s for certain, absolutely.

Life’s Lessons

Life doesn’t always go the way you want it to,

It forces you to learn from the hardships all the way through,

And sometimes even if it seems to some people that life’s too slow,

It seems much faster like a speeding motorcycle to you.

You can’t complain about it or do anything else though,

You have to learn to be patient with all that life’s got to show.

Patience is not the only thing from life you’ve got to learn,

There’s still much more you need to see and do in order to be a pro.

Once you’ve taken a step you cannot look back or turn,

Life’ll just keep bringing you concern after concern.

In order to face this life, you need to have faith, strength, and power,

The pains and aches you feel in your heart, no matter how they burn.

As for me, I’ve learned that life’s not always like a pretty flower,

Whoever said life’s sweet, it definitely isn’t, it’s sour,

The winner in this life is who makes use of every minute and every hour,

Indeed, he who doesn’t waste and cherishes every second, minute, and hour.

I pray to God to keep you safe and healthy wherever you are,

May He bless you in places both near and far.

Whether in Uzbekistan or any other country, no matter where you are,

I’ll always keep a picture of you in my mind and heart, my mom, my sister, my friend!